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First off, it's like you're looking right at me! Even when models stare at the camera, they can miss that directness by mere fractions....

1. You must post these rules 
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and ----

10 Random Facts About Me:

1. I like ketchup on eggs....and bananas. Found this out by accident. I had a banana for breakfast and if fell into the ketchup and eggs. I was lazy and didn't wipe the ketchup off. Tasty. :) I also like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Shoot me. ;p
2. I have never taken an official English class, probably because I was homeschooled and skipped high school. I took a Creative Writing class last time through college, but I will take English 101 for the first time this year. Despite that, I'm still an author and have been writing fiction since 2009.
4. As previously mentioned, I skipped high school. I graduated from my first college a week or two before turning 19. I'm almost 24 now.
5. I dislike the idea of falling, but I've gone skydiving twice. It was less scary than I thought it would be. Go figure. 
6. I read at least 2-3 grades above my age when I was growing up. Probably why I'm a writer now. :D
7. I didn't want to learn to drive. It's second nature now, but I really didn't want to learn to drive when I was younger.
8. I was kicked in the face by a horse I was training, been bucked off another where I pinched my Sciatic nerve, had a horse's muzzle smack me upside the head and leave a black eye, and been bit and stepped on countless times. Despite all that, I've never broken a bone, been knocked out, or had to get stitches. Ever.
9. I do noisy and strange really well.
10. I have double jointed thumbs. Well, the left one for sure. ;)

Yrucrem91's Questions:

  1. What do you like on your pizza? (Or other favorite food, if you can't stand pizza) CHEESE. MEAT. SAUCE. MORE CHEESE. OLIVES. GAAAARRRRLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCC!!!!!
  2. What super or magical power would you like? Healing. And Telekinesis. I've always like the idea of the Force so something similar to that would be awesome. ;p
  3. What was your favorite childhood toy, and do you still have and-or play with it? I have a small handful of the plastic horses I collected growing up. I keep them in my closet. They're Breyer brand and that makes them worth a small bit. They're also based off real and fictional horses: the Red Stallion, Majestad, and a racing trotter. So they have history and aren't just "horse from thrift store shelf". Other than that, Legos. :D
  4. Any stuffed animals you keep around? One giant stuffed horse. He is fluffy. And awesome. And did I mention giant? Hehe.
  5. If you could have any piece of future technology, however sci-fi it is, what would you want and why? The gravitational boots from Jupiter Ascending. Because they were flipping AWESOME. And teleporters. Because why not?
  6. Given a magic wand, what would be the first thing you changed about the world? (It doesn't have to be an improvement) Poverty or politicians....I'm not sure which deserves attention first. Probably the politicians. Get them sorted and the rest fall into place.
  7. Where do you feel most connected with your creative side? That depends. Sometimes it's curled up in bed with my computer and good music, sometimes it's out on a hike, sometimes it's chatting with friends.
  8. Are you happy with who you and what you are, or would you change something? What? (Go ahead, get crazy, be a space alien or something) Short answer? Yes I'm happy with who and what I am. Long answer....well, everyone wants to be known for something and I would love my art or writing to stand out. If not that, then an act of service. I'd also love to be stronger, like, a LOT stronger, and NOW, if I could. Hehe.
  9. What's the most exciting or crazy thing that ever happened to you? Not sure. I presented once for 4H as a pre-teen and while I was a nervous wreck on the inside, apparently my presentation made them think that I should present on a statewide and possibly national level. So that was a confidence booster. Um...I got to go to Israel in 2006. That was cool. I won the highest category my first year competing in the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival. That was REALLY cool.
  10. Are you tired of these tag memes that keep cycling around DA? YES. HECKITY YES YES YES. STAHP THE MADNESS. PLEASE. ;P
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Hey Pretty Girl - Kip Moore
  • Reading: This Meme
  • Watching: Ender's Game....for the first time!


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi, I'm me! Artist and horse rider extraordinaire. I love photography, painting, graphic design, and drawing. I'm currently enrolled in college for a degree in Visual Communications (fancy speak for graphic design).

I'm also nuts about writing, thanks to Katherine Grace Bond and her infamous writing camp, EpicWrite. It opened my eyes to the world of fiction and I haven't looked back. The particular universe my masterpiece novel is set in, was created during the 2009 Summer event. I've been actively writing since then and hope to finish it soon.

I'm also a Christian.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven." Matthew 5:16

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