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Richard by Richard-Cederfjard

First off, it's like you're looking right at me! Even when models stare at the camera, they can miss that directness by mere fractions....


I am so sorry that I've been inactive for this long, people! I started school in September and I have been busy ever since. I've made some new friends and a lot of my time has gone into developing those friendships as well as the normal school workload.

My Graphic Design degree continues apace and I am now officially in my second quarter, with crazy projects lining up such as designing a Starbuck's ad for a brand new product (I get to make it up), helping design the cover for the college's literary/art journal "Arcturus" (this is HUGE), competing with my classmates to get my version of the promotional poster chosen for Highline's annual Portfolio show, and the less impressive but still daunting assignments of creating websites, web ads, magazine spreads, brochures, letterheads, stationary, envelopes, resumes, and packaging.

I'm learning Adobe Dreamweaver and InDesign at the same time as my level 2 Graphic Design class, which means this first week has made me want to scream, what with having the wrong books and freaking out at the type of work I'll be doing. But I'm feeling a little better after getting my first week in. Because I know I can do this. It might be hard, it might be boring in places, but I can DO IT. I chose to do the Graphic Design degree and by golly (and God's great grace), I'll see it through. Prayer is appreciated. :)

When I have some work done to my satisfaction, I'll post it. God knows y'all have been sitting there with nothing in your inboxes from me since September. ;P

Poster by Miluiel-the-Friendly
This is a poster I did for a friend. She wanted "The Fault in our Stars" graphic so bad I said I'd do it for her. Probably easier just to buy the poster, but we were out on a craft store run and she wanted something made. So I did. 

I used Acrylic paint and by GOD that stuff dries fast! I had so much trouble just trying to pencil draw the faces that I nearly gave up for two weeks. But I had promised the girl I'd do it and I couldn't go back on that promise. So I trudged ahead and muddled this out in a few hours. I HATE, HATE, HATE her nose, but there was nothing I could do once it dried. I tried "erasing" by scraping paint off, but that eventually ate down to the blue board I was drawing on and caused white marks. Especially around her face. So I spitballed and made her skin pasty blue cause I didn't have the color of the board to just cover the marks. Also, I figure, she's the sick one so she might as well look it. And since he dies at the end, ya gotta deal with Augustus looking ghostly and further back in the picture. That is my explanation for a bad perspective drawing. Rrrgh.

Critique if you like, I don't care. It's not a personal work, just a doodle for a girl I know. And it was the first time I'd ever tried to replicate a "scribble drawing" like "The Fault's" movie poster.
I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! (I have no idea what I wrote that in all caps. ;p)

The job market wasn't looking very nice and since mine was ending, I knew I needed to do something. Thanks to some helpful hints from my mom, I started looking at schools. I found a degree I want and I'm going for it. Since I'd already graduated college 4 years ago and didn't think I'd have to go back, this is a bit of a surprise. But a good one.

WALLAH! Highline Community College. I'll be doing a 2 yr Visual Communications degree and if you know what that is, please don't spoil it outright. I want people to try and guess what it means in the comments. ;)

In other news...I haven't been doing anything. I worked my tail off this summer nannying, but that's all done and I'm left with rather a LOT of free time. Reading is taking a goodly portion of it now that I have the brainpower to spare. Found some really good novels from Mercedes Lackey that I highly endorse. "Heralds of Valdemar: The Collegium Chronicles" and any other related novel she's done in the world of Valdemar. :)
  • Mood: Cheerful
Patient, they build, climbing ever higher.
Clamoring tides beset them, but they are not moved.

Grey, black, and brown,
the shade of choking dust and
drowned earth, unaffected.

Will and grasp of iron, these pervasive,
stubborn creatures
of the deep multiply with
the passing waves.

Hailing passage aboard seafaring vessels,
weathering the beating docks,
times seems their friend.

If you perchance go to visit the sea,
take a look below and you will spy this quiet dweller,
aloof and unloved, yet still growing strong.


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United States
Hi, I'm me! Artist and horse rider extraordinaire. I love photography, painting, graphic design, and drawing. I'm also nuts about writing, thanks to Katherine Grace Bond and her infamous writing camp, EpicWrite. It opened my eyes to the world of fiction and I haven't looked back. The particular universe my masterpiece novel is set in, was created during the 2009 Summer event. I've been actively writing since then and hope to finish it soon.

I'm also a Christian.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven." Matthew 5:16

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